GI Pipes: Galvanized Iron Pipes are well known and widely used for distribution of treated water in rural water supply schemes. These pipes are cheap, weigh less and are easy to be transported and joined. These pipes are manufactured according to requirements of IS-1239 (pt -I) 1990 for Medium grade.
MS Pipes: Mild Steel Pipes are manufactured using less carbon (<0.25%) steel so it doesn't harden and are easy to be utilized. They are widely used in Plumbing, heating, ventilation and firefighting.
GP Pipes: Galvanized Pipes are made using thin sheets of carbon steel that are Zinc electroplated and rolled into pipes. GP Pipes are superior to GI Pipes when compared to their finish since GP pipes are soaked in protective zinc coating that prevents corrosion and rust.
Specifications of GI, MS & GP Pipes:
Square Hollow Sections (SHS)Round PipesRound Hollow Sections (RHS)
15 mm * 15 mm - 150 mm * 150 mmNominal Bore: 15 NB - 200 NB40 mm * 20 mm - 200 mm * 100 mm
Thickness: 1.2 mm - 7 mmThickness: 1.2 mm - 7 mmThickness: 1.2 mm - 7 mm
Length: 4 m - 12 mLength: 4 m - 12 mLength: 4 m - 12 m
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