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15 mm * 15 mm - 150 mm * 150 mmNominal Bore: 15 NB - 200 NB40 mm * 20 mm - 200 mm * 100 mm
Thickness: 1.2 mm - 7 mmThickness: 1.2 mm - 7 mmThickness: 1.2 mm - 7 mm
Length: 4 m - 12 mLength: 4 m - 12 mLength: 4 m - 12 m

A legacy from the house of RR ISPAT

Hira Pipes is the Most Trusted ERW Pipes Manufacturer in India

To meet the growing demands of a rapidly progressing economy and to contribute to the progression of sustainability and growth, Hira pipes has established a successful line of steel pipes and tubes. With our technological expertise, holistic approach, and our extensive foresight, we are committed to delivering effective and high-quality products on time. We combine our consumer-centric approach with our integrated manufacturing process which encompasses a circular economy pattern of pipe production.

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Hira Pipes have made its mission to become a noted pioneer in the steel via rod manufacturing industry. To ensure the optimum quality of products, we employ cutting-edge technologies (inclusive of robotics and laser cutting) in the manufacturing process and deliver it through a customer-oriented approach. We currently cater to both domestic and international clients who are notable pioneers and change-makers in their respective industries. HIRA’s ERW pipes are the best in the industry because we offer a combination of high strength, high durability, superior weld quality, cost-effectiveness, a wide range of sizes and thicknesses, and consistent quality, making our pipes perfect for a variety of applications.

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1,00,000 MT / Annum


1.2 mm to 8.0 mm.


Circular, Square and Rectangular

Properties of ERW pipes

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Applications of ERW Pipes

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ERW pipes have a variety of applications that determine the functioning of various objects and structures.

Boring Well

These High Tensile Strength ERW pipes are extensively used for the transportation of water underground for Bore Wells.

Transporting Gas and Liquids

ERW pipes have high formability and are used to transport oil, natural gas and other gas-phase materials.

Building Installations

ERW pipes are routinely used in building and house installations such as plumbing, ventilation, air conditioning, fencing and scaffolding.


ERW pipes are also regularly used by firefighters for putting out fires.

Automobile Industry

 They are routinely used in the automobile sector for the manufacturing of trucks, buses and other automobiles.

Decorative Installations

They are also used as decorative poles for homes, parks and other public areas.

Engineering Applications

ERW pipes are used for a variety of engineering applications that make up your day-to-day life.

Expert answers for most common questions

FAQs on ERW Pipes

ERW also known as Electric resistance welded pipe is made from steel coil and the weld seam and are manufactured by rolling metal and longitudinally welded across its length.

ERW Pipes are primarily used for low/ medium pressure applications such as transportation of water / oil.

ERW pipes are GRADE A Carbon Steel pipes.

ERW pipes have an advantage over seamless pipes in terms of accuracy of dimensions owing to higher strip rolling accuracy and pipe material control.

A seamless pipe is made by extruding metal to its necessary length whereas an ERW pipe has a welded junction in its cross-section throughout its length.

While it does have a seam, as no fusion metals are used in its manufacturing process, its weld seam cannot be seen or felt.
Its weight can be calculated by the pipe weight calculation formula, which determines weight per foot for any size of pipe with wall thickness.
Yes. You can bend ERW pipe if it’s necessary but you have to ensure that the tube’s weld seam is situated in a neutral axis.

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